The old staircases at Bannack intrigued me. I took a collection of photos of the stairs that still stand in this old ghost town in Montana.

These photos have undergone similar editing as my other Bannack photos. These also were taken with my Sony a6300, and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.


This first on introduces the theme. I copied the font, changed it to a darker color, blurred it, and set the transparency to 70% to achieve the shadow look on the wall.

Title Font: Bookmania Bold, Oldstyle (with decorative glyphs)

Body Font: Overlock, Sans-Serif



This photo is the same staircase, looking down. Among other adjustments,  I dropped the highlights to keep the dull feeling.



Of all the buildings I went into, the Bessette House was the one that gave me the most chills. It doesn’t help I went in there alone, and somebody wrote a creepy note they left in the front room. I felt like the staircase in this room deserved a darker, more threatening look and feel.

Title Font: Bookmania Bold, Oldstyle (with decorative glyphs)

Body Font: Overlock, Sans-Serif



This is the Attic of the Bessette house. Complete with ghost orbs … or dust specs, depending on how you look at it.



This is the grand, curving staircase at the front of the Meade Hotel. This whole town was a great representation of a rise and a fall. This town exploded and became full of activity and excitement with the prospect of finding gold on the near-by Grasshopper Creek. I look at this majestic staircase and wonder how grand it used to be, and see how run-down and empty it is today.

Title Font: Bookmania Bold, Oldstyle (with decorative glyphs)



The rest of my collection includes more stairs that used to see a lot more life and light than they do today.