Bannack: Fine Art

Bannack has been beautifully preserved. Look past the decaying walls and broken down remains, and you can get a sense of what this old town once was.

This is the second post from my trip to Bannack on February 24, 2016. This one focuses more on fine art prints. Images that do not contain people, but focuses on the places.

I adjusted saturation and clarity on all of these photos. I shot them all on my Sony a6300.


This was taken inside one of the many small houses found in the abandon town. To get good exposure inside and out, I bracketed the image and merged them in Lightroom.



I found this old car sitting in a field.



I climbed up into the bed of the truck and peered through the back window for this shot.



This was inside the schoolhouse. They still have the original desks from when they left.



This one was also bracketed so I could get the blue sky while also getting good light on the wagon. I was able to pull a lot of saturation in this picture.



This last one was also bracketed. I love how well I was able to pull out the wood grain and I love the natural vignette with the natural light inside.



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