Bannack: Portraits

Friday, February 24, I went to Bannock Ghost Town in Montana with my photography class. We spent the whole day capturing photos as we explored this well preserved ghost town with over 60 standing structures.

This is the first of three posts from the excursion. Models showed up dressed in the era of the town itself and I got to try out portraits again. Portraits is not my strong point, so it was good to get some more experience. These were all taken in my Sony a6300.


This first was taken at an old store with some LED lights. I converted it to black and white and then adjusted the contrast, as well as the color levels.



This portrait was taken in the tack shop. A lot of natural light was coming in from the window, lighting her face, but I did put an LED light behind her head to give her a back light to help separate her from the background. I boosted some saturation and added a little clarity.



This photo was taken in the saloon by a window. Like the first, I turned this photo black and white and played with the levels, as well as adding clarity.



This portrait was taken down the street from the hotel. We used a speed light to brighten her face and still see the background properly exposed. I played a lot with highlights, shadows, selective saturation and clarity to get this look.



This shot was taken in the hotel using only the natural light from the window. I also turned this one black and white and used noise reduction to soften the skin.



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