12 Points of Perspective

This week I got intimately close with my Technicolor Mark Ten Super 8 movie camera. With different angles and varying depths, we can explore even ordinary objects in new ways.

I ended up taking about 78 pictures and chose these twelve. I shot these pictures in Slog 3 (a gamme pre-set in my picture profile) and edited these pictures. I added contrast and played with the highlights and shadows. I also added saturation and clarity.

I then went in some of them and added burn and dodge effects as well as burnt edges in a few of the shots.


On two of my images, I added texture.

For this one, I added a rough texture to the body of the camera.



On this wider shot, I added a sticker in Photoshop, and played around with burn and dodge to help it match the lighting.



This was a fun project, experimenting with different ways to look at things. The rest of my twelve photos are in the collage below.