Freeze and Blur

To try and get down shutter speed, I’ve done this project playing with motion blur and time freeze.

At higher shutter speeds, time can seem to freeze. I wanted to capture situations where freezing time would give a different perspective on things.

This first shot is a drop of Mio water flavoring into a dish of clear water, inside.  More dynamic lighting would have helped, but this was interesting nonetheless.

Water Drop
“Drop of Flavor” | 1/23/17 | Inside my home | 1/500 | F5.6 | ISO 6400 | Sony a6300


This next one is a shot of a teddy bear being thrown in the air in my front yard.

Airborne Teddy
“Airborne Teddy” | 1/23/17 | Outside, in my yard  | 1/1000 | F3.5 | ISO 100 | Sony a6300


Moving onto blur, I found that pictures of objects blurring seemed kinda boring to me, so I played around with panning and zooming.

This first one has the camera on a tripod and I’m manually zooming out while taking the picture of my desk.

“Focus” | 1/23/17 | Inside my office | 1/25 | F3.5 | ISO 400 | Sony a6300


The next one is a shot of my wife leaving to a meeting. I think the white snow adds a nice effect to this one.

Mom's Car
“Moms Car” | 1/23/17 | My street in Rexburg Idaho | 1/8 | F22 | ISO 100 | Sony a6300



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