Photobook Design

My best photography from the next following months will all be compiled into a photobook. Here is a rough idea of what it could look like.


This is a two page spread of the past photos I’ve taken. I wanted to create a simple layout that doesn’t take away too much from the photos, (although I’m not particularly proud of many of these).

To keep from distraction, The Title text is thin and simple, but large enough to read easily. I chose my favorite of the 5 photos to put on the main page and put the main title there. I then put my other photos on the second page and added a dark blue box on the right side, not cutting through any photos.

I wanted to design it in a way where if the viewer wanted to read more, the information was there, but the book can be enjoyed without having to read anything. It is a picture book after all.



  1. This photobook spread looks great! You really kept it clean and simple looking, which is one of my favorite styles. Not to mention, the pictures are sweet, especially the cute dog one… I really like the fonts you chose as well. San serifs are my favorite type of font, once again, they are very clean and simple. Check out the photobook spread I put together at

    Or I would recommend checking out Camille’s too, she did a great job with the project:


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