Photo-Realistic Watch



In this project my goal was to make a photo-realistic watch.

I started with a watch I own to base it on and did a bunch of sketches.


I drew the watch flat, like I ended up designing it in Illustrator, but to grasp the watch as a whole more, I drew from the side and different angles so I knew this watch from all sides. I feel like this helped me add all the layers I needed and figure out my shadows and highlights better.

Then came the process of transferring the design to the computer.

I had to work a bit more on the glass with some glare and more shine, and adjust the dial just a bit. After making some changes and adding the bands, it looked like this:


Add a background, using some of the elements from the face, and this is what I ended up with:

Up close, the image is more obviously made on a computer, but when looking at the watch as a whole, it has a very convincing look.


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