FillSpeed [VIDEO]


This is the end product of 48 hours of work. A client came into work the other day and wanted a video, and fast. He needed it to advertise his start-up company to potential interns. The goal was to make it quick, fun, and make students want to learn more about what this e commerce company is all about.

We first sat down and collaborated with the client about what he wanted. Copy came up with a script the first night and the following morning we all got together again and revised it.

On the second day, as the client was going through his ideas, I started to sketch those ideas and see how we could potentially visualize them.

That process looked like this.


Normally, this would be followed by a storyboard with each frame drawn out and explained in detail, but the short turn-around didn’t allow for that this time. This was the blueprint.

Design then worked to create the graphics and sent them to me to start animating away.

On the morning of the third day, besides beginning some animating,  we worked on his slide show and worked on finding music. That afternoon, We recorded the voice-over. That evening, as I received the last graphics, I cranked out animations in After Effects just about as quick as I could. The deadline was approaching quickly.

We added the final touches and showed it to the client that night. We had it all delivered by 10:30 that night. The client was very happy and thoroughly impressed with the team that helped put this all together.



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